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Calisto P540-M: Basic Troubleshooting

Calisto P540-M: Basic Troubleshooting
Note: You must restart MOC after changing its default playback setting for any changes to take effect. Why does the display show "Sign in…" or "Please Upgrade…"when the phone is already connected to my computer? The "Sign in" or "Please Upgrade" messages are displayed when the computer does not have Office Communicator or Lync installed, or has a version of Office Communicator that does not support the phone.
  • Confirm the version of Office Communicator 2007 R2 or Lync installed on the computer is v 3.5.6907.37 or later
  • Confirm customer is signed into Office Communicator or Lync
  • Confirm the P540-M phone is selected as the default device (go to Tools > Set Up Audio and Video)
  • Confirm the customer's network connection is active
Why doesn't my USB headset work when I use this product? Check the Audio Tab in MOC and change the Default Device for the Sound Playback section to the original USB headset, which directs music played on the computer to the original headset. Can I scroll or browse the MOC contact list using the phone? No, scrolling through the Contact list must be done using MOC on the computer screen. Why can't I make outgoing calls from my phone when my computer is locked? Your system administrator (IT department) controls management settings for USB Phone. See your system administrator to change the rules for your phone's functionality. Why isn't the phone playing any sounds from Office Communicator? Your sounds might be set to No Sounds in Windows. Click Start, and then Control Panel. Click Sound to open the Sound window. Click the Sounds tab, and then under Sound Scheme, confirm that you have selected something other than No Sounds. If you have chosen a .wav file under Sounds, click the Test button to check that it works.
  • No sound may mean that the phone is not physically set up.
  • Confirm that the handset is on the cradle if you are trying to hear sounds through the speakerphone.
  • Check that the speaker volume is high enough to be audible. Use the volume keys on the keypad to adjust it.
  • Verify that the phone is selected as the speaker and microphone device. In Office Communicator or Lync, go to Tools, select Set Up Audio and Video, and select the USB phone from the drop-down menu.
  • Verify that the speaker and microphone are not muted in Windows.
Why is the phone not ringing when I receive an incoming call? Confirm that your phone is physically set up to play sounds (see Troubleshooting question "Why isn't the phone playing any sounds from Office Communicator or Lync?"). In addition, check that:
  • The speaker is not muted on the host computer.
  • Restart Office Communicator or Lync after changing its default playback setting.