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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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SupraPlus Wideband Troubleshooting: Callers Cannot Hear me

When I answer a call on my SupraPlus Wideband, callers are unable to hear me. How can I fix this issue?
To fix this issue for the Voice Tube models:
  • Ensure proper positioning of the Voice Tube. You may also try various other positions.
  • To determine if the voice tube is clogged, remove the voice tube and see if the caller can hear you. If the caller can hear you, the voice tube is clogged.
  • A temporary solution to the clogged voice tube is to gently rinse warm water through the voice tube for a minute and then manually swing or shake it dry. Ensure the voice tube is dry before reattaching. NOTE: Plantronics recommends replacing the voice tube every 6-9 months.
To fix the issue for Noise-Canceling models:
  • Ensure the microphone is facing your mouth and is in a proper position.
  • Ensure the transmit volume control of the amplifier is set properly.