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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Calisto 620/620-M Troubleshooting: Distorted Audio

I experience poor audio quality with my Calisto 620/620-M when I use it to listen to music/media in Windows or Mac OS. What can I do?

This is a known issue with the Calisto 620 and 620-M.


Engineering has corrected the issue in a firmware update (USB firmware 470 and base firmware 02.00), which will be available via the Spokes Update Manager starting 3/22/13. Please note that the firmware update is for the speaker only - there is no update to the Bluetooth adapter.

To update your firmware,
  1. Connect the Calisto 620/620-M to your PC using the USB charging cable.
  2. Open your Spokes Update Manager by clicking Start > All Programs > Plantronics > Plantronics Update Manager.
After updating the firmware, the mute button will be active when you listen to music/media, enabling you to enable and disable mute. Plantronics recommends turning on mute when listening to music/media (mute is turned off by default). This will solve the issue. Note: It is not required to turn on mute when streaming music/multimedia from a mobile device.

This firmware also enables local mute with unsupported softphones.