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Media streaming issues on mobile phones when a Voyager headset is connected to a PC via BT600

Why am I not able to stream media/music to a mobile phone when I'm connected to PC via BT600 with a Voyager Bluetooth headset?.
Please verify the following possible scenarios:

Audio priority for BT600 with Voyager series Bluetooth headsets:

1. PC softphone calls, e.g. Microsoft Teams (BT600 LED: Blue Flash or Solid Red if muted) --> Highest priority, unless a Mobile phone call was already established, in which case it has the highest priority.
2. Mobile phone calls (BT600 LED: Solid Blue or Solid Purple)
3. PC apps using headset microphone (BT600 LED: Blue Flash or Solid Red if muted)
4. PC music (BT600 LED: Purple Flash or Solid Purple) AND
5. Mobile music (BT600 LED: Solid Blue or Solid Purple) --> Lowest priority, each can take over the other

Mobile phone calls have higher priority than PC apps, just using a microphone but Microsoft Teams calls have higher priority than Mobile calls
BT600 LED flashing blue means the microphone connection is active to PC. This will take priority over iPhone audio.

Post-version 17xx firmware BT600, with Teams active:
  • PC audio off - solid purple BT600 light - Mobile media(A2DP) can be heard
  • PC A2DP streaming - solid purple BT600 light - Mobile media(A2DP) cannot be heard (PC takes over)
  • PC 2-way audio/mic active (Is Cortana active?) - flashing blue BT600 light - Mobile media(A2DP) cannot be heard (PC takes over)
BT600 LED Behaviour Table
Headset Function  Firmware V1615 and prior Firmware > V1715,
Microsoft Teams Not Connected
Firmware > V1715,
Teams Connected
Headset disconnected LED off Purple breath, then turn off Blue Purple flash
Headset connected, idle Solid Blue Solid Blue Solid Purple
Headset connected, Streaming music Purple flash Purple flash Solid Purple
Headset connected, and in Call Blue flash Blue flash Blue flash
Headset connected, and call, headset muted Red Red Red
Pairing Red/Blue Red/Blue Red/Blue
Microsoft Teams event notification NA NA Purple flash

  • There is no change to the LED behavior if you are not using Microsoft Teams.
  • Once a BT600 has been used with Microsoft Teams its LED behavior changes as shown above and it remains so going forward, even if Teams is shut down. 
A way to address this would be to ensure the BT600 is not the default device for Windows Playback & Recording, as shown below, and also not being actively used by any softphone or media playback on the PC to verify this, go to:
Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > "Manage audio devices" or  “Windows key” + R and run: mmsys.cpl:

Also, when the issue occurs, check which app was using microphone by hovering over the Windows 10 microphone icon on the system tray, e.g.:


Or it might be hiding in the up arrow button, e.g.


In which case you can drag it down to the main part of the system tray to see it all the time, e.g.:

bt600issue4.png        bt600issue5.png