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Article ID: 000031872
Last Modified Date: 08/10/2022
Access Level: Public

Savi 400/Savi 700 Series Troubleshooting: Headband or eartip comes loose

When I rotate the headset away from my mouth the headset falls out of the headband.  A co-worker wears the same headset behind the ear. 
They have similar problems with the eartip coming off. What can I do?
The headband and eartips have been redesigned to correct this problem. The improved parts are compatible across all headset models (Savi W440, W740 and W745) using these components. Users experiencing this problem should contact the Plantronics Technical Assistance Center and order replacement parts of the new design.
  • 84605-01 - Headband spare for Savi W440, W740 and W745
  • 84604-01 - Spare eartip kit for Savi W440, W740 and W745