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Article ID: 000057395
Last Modified Date: 12/08/2021
Access Level: Public

Intermittent video quality degradation seen on Polycom HDX when dialing H.323 encrypted calls through VidyoGateway

An issue was reported where video quality degradation can be experienced intermittently on video received from VidyoGateway when displayed on Polycom HDX.  This appears to affect encrypted H.323 calls only.  The description of the issue is a gradual deterioration of the video, where black and white speckles or artifacts may begin to appear within the video frame in various macroblocks.  Eventually, the issue can progress to a point where the entire received video stream appears to be smeared.  This condition may last for a few minutes and recover on its own, or for the duration of the call until disconnected.    
The issue has been resolved by Vidyo with VidyoGateway release v3.5.1.470.  Please contact Vidyo for more information.