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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Trio 8800 USB pass through audio quality is poor.

Reported software Version(s):
Software versions affected:
Phone platforms affected: Trio 8800
Phone platforms deployed: Trio 8800 Pre-Configuration:
1. Trio in Skype base profile. Steps:
1. Connect micro USB cable into Trio & USB Type A inot laptop USB port.
2. Use the Trio as a speaker for youtube, or use it for audio during a Skype client call. Expected Results:
Trio USB audio should not be choppy Observed Results:
Trio USB audio is choppy and saturated. If video.autoStartVideoTx is disabled (video.autoStartVideoTx="0") the issue is present. If this parameter is set to "1", the issue is not there.
This is addresed in 5.9.3 and above. Available on April 7th of 2020.