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Last Modified Date: 12/09/2021
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Obi Edition VVX 450 Reboots by Itself After Enabling Parameters for Voice Quality Call Monitoring

The Obi VVX phone reboots unexpectedly after trying to make a call. This issue only happens when the phone is configured with the two parameters as shown below: X_VqPublishEnable = Enabled X_VqPublishInterval = 5 In the syslog you will find these related error messages: <6>[68776.412723] ****Signal 11 Received with LR: 0 PC: 0... <5>[68776.413120] Goodbye! Reboot Now. (reason: 91) This error appears after the PUBLISH message with the VQSessionReport is sent to the peer.
Upgrade phone to 6.4.2 build once available.