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Takeback and Recycle Program

As a supplier of electronic communication products, Poly recognizes its Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and embraces the opportunity to help protect and preserve our environment by providing safe ways to dispose of electronic waste. With this goal in mind, we've created the Poly Takeback and Recycle Program as part of our corporate environmental initiative. Customers can be confident that Poly branded “end of life” products will be managed responsibly.

Voluntary Worldwide Recycling Services

In order to provide a Takeback network service, Poly has partnered with AER Worldwide and RENE AG (Europe), who are specialists with "end of life" electronic products (i.e. e-waste / WEEE). This enables us to offer customers in all our major markets access to a worldwide network, and the capability to "recycle or refurbish and reuse" our products where facilities exist, diverting from landfill and reducing our environmental impacts. Both our partners use facilities that adhere to the international environmental standard ISO 14001 ensuring returned products are disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

To help meet requirements of your Environmental Management System (EMS), Poly offers to provide a Certificate of Destruction (COD) to customers upon request to certify that your end of life products have been managed responsibly and in accordance with local legislation.

Poly Takeback Request

Start your product takeback request below. Your details will be assessed, we will identify the most suitable recycling route / facility, and offer options to assist with collection and transport arrangements.

Regional Information

Customers in our major markets can access to a worldwide recycling network facility with the capability to recycle their "end of life" product or refurbish / reuse” our products where possible. For more information on producer registration and recycling schemes in your area, please see contact Poly Takeback queries: