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Poly Renew Program

Return Your Phones and Upgrade Your Workspace

The world is changing and, as a result, so is your business. As you work through your back-to-office strategy, you may be faced with a variety of challenges. Downsizing your office?  Adjusting your shared and personal spaces? Moving people from assigned desks to hoteling situations? The possible changes are endless. And as a result of all this office shuffling you may have a surplus of phones that will no longer be used.

Great news, Poly wants your pre-owned phones, and for every eligible phone you return your Poly Reseller will give you credit towards new Poly gear.

•      Return working Poly VVX and CCX phones and receive a voucher.

•      Upgrade to Poly products (phones, headsets, or video) that fit the new work environment.

•      Reduce environmental impact through our recycling program.

Ready to trade in your old Poly phones for brand new Poly video, headsets, and phones?

Get started today by clicking the 'Submit Request' button below.

It's as easy as...

1. Contact your Reseller

Get RMA and shipping details from your local Reseller.

2. Ship the Product to Poly

Ship the product back to us using the RMA and Reseller provided pre-paid shipping label.

3. Redeem your Voucher

Leverage your voucher to purchase new Poly products that fit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can program only be used to purchase new equipment? 
    Yes.  Vouchers only may be used to make a future new purchase from Poly.

  • Can end-customers receive vouchers directly?
    All transactions need to go through an authorized Poly Reseller.

  • Can I return non-Poly equipment? 
    No, at this time Poly will only be accepting a select list of phones (see voucher values in table above).  For devices outside the scope of this program, please refer to the Poly Phone Trade-in Program.

  • Can I return equipment other than phones?
    No.  At this time, the program is only accepting phone returns.

  • Does my equipment need to be functional? 
    Yes.  All returned products must be in a functional state.  

  • How will my voucher value be assessed? 
    Renew Program value is based on phone type returned in working condition, and exact voucher value will be determined by your Poly Reseller.

  • Do I have to pay shipping costs to send equipment back? 
    No, your Poly Reseller will provide you with a pre-purchased return label.  Phones will need to be carefully packaged and returned to our distribution center using this label.

  • How will I receive my voucher? 
    Voucher will be processed through your Reseller.

  • How long is my voucher valid for? 
    Vouchers are valid for 120 days from time the claim is approved.

* Actual payout is based on the total approved claim value processed directly with your Poly Reseller. Contact your Reseller for applicable Terms and Conditions.

Program valid through April 15, 2023
Eligible Territory: North America (US/ CAN)