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Amicus Therapeutics – Case Study

Amicus Therapeutics - remote collaboration uncovers new opportunities


When all of Amicus Therapeutics’ employees were forced to connect remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the experience of collaborating with remote employee Anthony DeVergillo was suddenly no different than collaborating with any other. Anthony manages Amicus’ internal communications from his home, which he had done for the past four years due to the rare neuromuscular disorder he lives with. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy weakens his muscles to the point that he needs to use a wheelchair and requires a noninvasive ventilator to assist his breathing. However, Anthony was always self-conscious about the noises his ventilator made during calls. It is loud, produces a high-pitched squeal, and makes a significant noise every time he takes a breath. 



The Poly team shipped a Poly Studio P15 personal video bar to Anthony as a demo, and the results were remarkable. Nearly all of the extraneous sound that had been passing through his old setup was blocked by the microphone array and processor built into the unit.