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Polycom Visio Stencils


The Polycom Visio Stencil Library is designed to allow our partners, customers, and associates to illustrate Polycom solutions integrated within network environments. These tools are provided in .vss file format, so you need Microsoft Visio Standard or Professional software to use these stencils correctly. You can then drag and drop Polycom product shapes directly onto your drawing. The shapes scale accurately and provide connection points for incorporating into your drawings.

Available Stencils

How To Use

For Windows users:

  1. Save the desired stencil(s) to your PC in the "My Documents / My Shapes" folder.
  2. Open Visio and begin a new drawing, or open an existing Visio drawing.

To use the stencils you have downloaded to your PC:

  1. Select "File / Shapes / My Shapes" then select the desired stencil.
  2. View the Polycom product icons within each stencil in your Visio Shapes window.
  3. Drag and drop the desired shapes onto your drawing and resize, as necessary.