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Poly has joined the HP family! From August 7, 2023, Poly Support contact options will connect you to HP. This portal will be live until November, when we'll move to the HP Customer Support site.

Partner Escalations

Poly Partners can escalate issues to Poly Technical Support when a problem remains unsolved and the issue has exceeded 48 business hours without resolution.

When Should Issues be Escalated?

1. Poly Partner Technical Support group has exhausted its knowledge including referring to:

2. Poly Partner Technical Support group has taken all reasonable steps to isolate, replicate, and troubleshoot in their lab environment:

  • Try and take steps to reproduce the issue in a lab environment.

3. Poly Partner Technical Support group seeks assistance in developing an appropriate action plan for resolution.

4. The customer is threatening to escalate to Poly directly.

What Information is needed?

Escalation Requirement by Product Category