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SupraPlus (CS351/CS361) Troubleshooting: No Indicator Lights

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I have no lights on my SupraPlus wireless system. What should I do?
If the indicator lights on your headset do not power on, try the following:
  1. Make sure the A/C adapter cable is securely plugged into the proper port on the bottom of the charging base.
  2. If the unit is plugged into a power strip, make sure the power strip is switched on and working properly.
  3. Try another outlet.
  4. Try reinstalling the system. Click here for installation instructions.
  5. If you still get no response from the indicator lights on the base, try the A/C adapter from someone else’s wireless Plantronics unit, if available. This will tell us if the whole unit has failed or just the A/C adapter.
  6. If the problem persists, contact Plantronics Customer Support for additional assistance.