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HL10 Handset Lifter: How to Install the Polycom Accessory

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Plantronics developed Part Number 76141-01 to resolve the problem of the Polycom IP phone's handset falling off of the cradle. The part acts as part of the cradle to support the handset, allowing for reliable operation of the lifter.

To Install the Polycom Accessory for the HL10:
  1. Follow the normal installation instructions for the HL10.
  2. Before removing the tape, slide the handset cradle attachment onto the phone and position it so that the handset rests in place as shown below.
    Image of how to position the HL10 Polycom accessory
  3. Once you have determined the right position for the handset cradle attachment, peel off the tape (as shown below) and repeat the positioning. When located in the correct position, press down lightly.
    Image of where the tape is located on the HL10 Polycom accessory
  4. Test that the handset lifter operates reliably. If located correctly, press down firmly on the cradle to secure it.
Final Installation View:
               Top View                                           Side View