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Plantronics Spokes/Hub Known Issue with Avaya one-X Communicator: When an Avaya bridged line appearance goes off-hook, Spokes/Hub puts active call on-hold

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This issue relates to the bridged extension feature of Avaya one-X Communicator, which allows an extension to originate calls that appear to the called party to have originated from another extension. User has configured secondary, bridged line appearances in their Avaya one-X Communicator client. This provides notification when secondary extensions receive incoming or place outgoing calls. While the user is on an active call in one-X Communicator, if a bridged line appearance goes off-hook, the active call is automatically placed on-hold by Spokes/Hub. The user must manually take the call off hold to restore the conversation. This issue only occurs with Spokes/Hub installed.
The Avaya one-X Communicator Application Programming Interface (API) does not provide a mechanism to permit Spokes/Hub to distinguish the bridged call from one originating on the primary extension.
None. This issue may be addressed in a future release, pending API improvements by Avaya.
Affected Operating System(s)
All versions of Windows
Affected Software Application(s)
All versions of Spokes, Hub, and Avaya one-X Communicator
Affected Hardware
All Plantronics devices supported by Spokes and Hub.
Date Raised
19 September 2012