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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Calisto 800 Series Spares and Accessories

The hyperlinked item below is available for purchase on our website. Also, all spares and accessories are available for purchase from our distributors.
  • 84160-01 - PA50 wireless mic (included with Model 825, but can be purchased separately for use with any Calisto 800 series model)
  • 84101-01 - Carrying case (only fits the speakerphone; not the wireless mic)
  • 84103-01 - USB headset charging cable (micro USB; charges a headset using the speakerphone)
  • 28959-01 - Quick Disconnect (QD) cable to dual 3.5mm (to adapt any H series headset for use with the speakerphone)
  • 77052-01 - USB cable to connect speakerphone to PC
  • 84104-01 - AC power supply with straight plug
  • 77051-01 - Telephone cable (Models 830 and 835)