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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Calisto 800 Series: Bluetooth Device Handling

This article pertains to the Calisto 820, 820-M, 825, 825-M, 830, 830-M, 835, and 835-M. The Calisto 800 Series speakerphone enables you to pair to two mobile phones and two Bluetooth devices (headset and/or wireless mic), and to connect to one phone and one Bluetooth device at a time. For any phone call routed through the speakerphone, you may choose to use a Bluetooth device, but you cannot switch between two Bluetooth headsets (or a headset and wireless mic) during during the call. You can only switch between the speakerphone and the one connected Bluetooth device. If your speakerphone is paired to more than one headset, or to a headset and the PA50, you must choose which device you want to use before you make or receive a call. The only exception to this is if you are talking on a cell phone call routed through the speakerphone. In that case, you may
  1. Transfer the call to your cell phone. To do so, on the speakerphone, press Options, and then select Take mobile call on the go.
  2. After you see the message on the Calisto confirming the transfer is complete, select Menu > Settings > Bluetooth Setup > Headset (or Wireless Mic). Highlight the device you want to use, and then press OK.
  3. Once the device is connected, you can transfer the audio back to the speakerphone by pressing Menu, and then Bluetooth. Select Connect [your phone name], and then press OK. The call audio automatically transfers back to the speakerphone.
  4. To route the audio to your connected Bluetooth headset or wireless mic, press .
Tip: A wired headset is an alternative to a Bluetooth headset, and would enable you to switch between the PA50 wireless mic and headset during a call.