Polycom + Plantronics

The Power of Many

Our Mission

We are Poly

Every day, we create amazing new ways to hear, see, work, and work together more easily in today’s increasingly digital world.

We power meaningful, human connections.

Our Vision

When we can all collaborate, dream, and create wherever we are, the world instantly feels more united.


Connect to yourself

Dial up the focus

At the gym, on the road, or in an open office, we’ll help you get in the zone when it matters most.

Connect one to many

Share ideas like you’re there

So much of our communication lies in what’s not being said. We make sure you can see every reaction and hear every word.

Connect many to many

Get everyone in on the conversation

Erase the distance with technology that works, no matter what platform you’re using.

We connect people,
not things, by


Creating calm in the chaos.

From the train to the open office—and every space in between—we make connections more productive. Turn even the noisiest of spaces into sanctuaries for concentration. Deliver boardroom quality conferencing in huddle room spaces. Make larger rooms feel more inclusive.


Bridging the gap between platforms.

Operate across multiple conferencing ecosystems? So do we. Join your meeting with one click and concentrate on ideas in the air, not devices in the room.


Bringing productivity to where you are.

As the lines between home and the office blur, we make it easier to hear, share, and see wherever, whenever.


Asking what’s next, not what if.

Our solutions respond to human behavior and get smarter all the time. Our cloud management tools deliver insightful analytics right now and so much more tomorrow.

Technology that works then steps out of the way

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