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Environmental, social & corporate governance

We aim to be responsible global citizens by understanding our impact on communities and on the environment. We strive to minimize any negative impact and maximize positive impact from our activities. The best way we can do this is by tapping into our technology, talent and time. 

Using our force for good

At Poly, we remain keenly aware of the litany of our world’s problems—but even more keenly focused on our response.

We connect people, technology and spaces to transform inequitable hybrid interactions wherever, whenever. We continue to enable human connection and equitable working experiences to serve and support those around us. Poly employees volunteer, mentor, and donate to organizations around the globe, providing the resources to meet real needs in education access, healthcare, and global understanding. Despite all the challenges in recent years, we continue to move forward, demonstrating our commitment to using our force for good.

It takes all of us to care and to contribute. And we’re more powerful when we work as one.

Everyone Can Shine

Every person has value and we are richer for our diversity. At Poly, we look for ways to celebrate the unique attributes and contributions of every employee. It helps us compete globally, inspires innovation, and reflects our customers. We strive to nurture a sense of belonging—a place where we can each bring and appreciate our authentic selves. A place where we all grow and thrive.

We Consider the Future

Our world is fragile and we each must do our part to keep it healthy for ourselves, our children and future generations. At Poly, we believe in a clean planet and in our ability to wield technology to make it a better place.

We Do What's Right

Doing the right thing isn’t just good for us individually—it’s good business. We rigorously adhere to global laws and enforce commitment to business ethics in every region, every country, every deal.

Business isn't All that Drives Us

We realize there are vulnerable populations all over the world who are not Poly customers—who may never have heard of us! Yet we believe we have a responsibility to care. To educate. To contribute. To heal. Through technology and the incredible generosity of our employees, Poly works closely with proven global agencies to address education imbalance, the effects of war, and the need for cross-cultural understanding. To develop and nurture the next generation of technology minds.

We're more powerful when we work as one.

Corporate Governance and Human Rights

Poly is committed to sound principles of corporate governance and human rights. Integrity is and has always been a significant part of both our culture and the way we conduct business. We provide you with key information about our corporate governance and human rights policies. These policies provide a framework for the proper operation of our Company, consistent with our shareholders' best interests and the requirements of the law.