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Smart Technology Innovations

Poly’s audio innovations give you more focused meetings by blocking distracting noises and outside conversations, preventing interruptions.


Designed by Poly. Inspired by you.

The ingredients of a great video or audio conference are more than the camera, phone or other devices you use to connect. The research and thoughtful development that goes into designing the technology and architecting the overall experience separates the good from the great.

Some innovations are easily seen, heard or experienced, while others run quietly behind-the-scenes ensuring users have the best call or conference possible. Over the years, Poly has developed industry-leading patented technology that pushed the boundaries of innovation so we could deliver incredible experiences to millions of people around the globe.

Learn more about these groundbreaking innovations and what makes them so special by listening to the engineers, thought-leaders and industry experts directly involved in their development. You will quickly discover how Poly offers an unmatched experience across any communication and collaboration environment.

Poly NoiseBlockAI

Acoustic Fence

Poly DirectorAI