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Plantronics SoundGuard® Acoustic Safety Technology

Protecting your senses

Whether you are using a headset in the office or on the road, or you are a health and safety officer responsible for your employees, hearing protection should be a guarantee, not a luxury. For over 50 years, Plantronics has been dedicated to creating headsets that not only meet legal requirements but provide customers with a safe and comfortable audio experience, without sacrificing audio quality. While Plantronics Manager Pro allows enterprise’s to monitor and manage their employee acoustic safety and wellbeing.

Plantronics promises to deliver our customers with products that will protect them from long term daily noise exposure as identified by the US OSHA and EU Noise at Work regulations and identify and remove acoustic startle events, which are generally sudden loud sound that are either uncomfortable, surprises or startles a person or can potentially become stress inducing. Examples of such events include network interference, a dropped handset at the far end, or even a whistle blown by a malicious caller.

To ensure a superior – and safe – audio experience Plantronics headsets come equipped with a fail-safe acoustic protection technology, called SoundGuard™ that delivers a virtually instantaneous attack time to remove impulse and long duration disturbance noise levels that would exceed 118 dBA.  Plantronics SoundGuard Digital uses sophisticated algorithms to provide additional acoustic protection, above and beyond the impulse and long duration protection provided by SoundGuard while maintaining natural sounding speech.


SoundGuard is the acoustic limiting technology that is present in all communications headsets from Plantronics that protects against Acoustic Shock by limiting sounds to below 118dBA.

SoundGuard Digital

SoundGuard Digital Plantronics own sophisticated algorithms include**

Plantronics Enhanced anti-startle protection which detects and eliminates sudden increases in sound, using three tightly coupled limiters that reduce the likelihood of an acoustic startle.

G616 anti-startle protection that limits the noise level to below 102dBSPL and is therefore compliant to the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF) G616 recommendation.

Average daily noise exposure measures and controls sound to prevent the average daily sounds exposure from exceeding 80dBA or 85dBA time-weighted average (TWA).

Plantronics Manager Pro

Plantronics Manager Pro is the management and reporting tool for enterprises to apply and monitor regional acoustic settings.  Acoustic events such as G616 limiting or Plantronics enhanced anti-startle limiting can be monitored for changes and data provided to demonstrate to employees that any loud sudden sounds where limited to a safe and comfortable level by the supported Plantronics headset.

Plantronics Manager Pro is the management and reporting tool for enterprises.  Acoustic safety settings can be remotely configured and locked to ensure compliance to regional requirements.  Ongoing compliance to required settings can be monitored and reported.

The Health and Safety suite of Plantronics Manager Pro includes the Acoustic Events report that records acoustic events (defined as a high-level signal that meets certain pre-defined parameters) that triggers limiters in supported SoundGuard Digital products (either G616 or Plantronics enhanced anti-startle limiters). Although these events may not be sufficient to cause an acoustic startle the limiting of these events helps to ensure employee health and wellbeing by improving listening comfort. Monitoring of these events can be used to identify trends and inform actions.

To learn more about the Health and Safety Suite visit the knowledge base.


Remotely configure and lock acoustic safety setting


Track product settings and compliance to local regulations


Monitor acoustic events to demonstrate compliance and monitor for trends


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