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Hybrid Working

Work is far more than a place. Poly pro-grade solutions help you look and sound confident from anywhere.

The modern workforce has gone hybrid
Enable equal meetings from any workspace

Companies now offer flexible hybrid working policies that give their employees the freedom to work in or out of the office. And sure, splitting time between multiple work locations could be a hassle — unless your workforce is powered by a killer set of tools and technologies.

Ready for your workforce to be productive in any location? With devices designed for virtual collaboration, they’ll be ready, too.

Tech designed for any work style
Better experiences for your people, spaces and technology

Office, home, the road or anywhere in between – if your employees aren’t working everywhere, they will soon. But not everyone has the same way of getting things done. Whether it’s the CEO, a manager, or an intern, your hybrid workforce needs audio and video devices that match not only where they work, but how they get work done.

Poly research shows that more than 90% of the employees in a typical enterprise have one of six different work styles. Each style responds to different technology requirements and workspaces for virtual collaboration. Once you identify the work styles in your organization, you can match employees with the audio and video tools they need to look, hear and sound their best.

It is exciting to see Poly being the first to bring to the market a portfolio of pro-grade video and audio products with service and management capabilities to accomodate the hybrid working needs of today's evolving workforce.

Stephanie Atkinson , CEO

The Future of Work

For Flexible, Consistent and Equal Meeting Experiences Across Any Workspace

What solutions do your employees need? It depends on where they’re getting work done. If they’re going back and forth between locations, taking meetings from the car, or working remotely, they’ll deal with “environmental challenges” like background noise, poor lighting, call quality, etc. We design Poly products to remedy these issues, so employees don’t just show up in meetings — they stand out.

For employees in the office, collaboration needs to take place in a variety of spaces — from employee cubicles and shared spaces to huddle rooms and meeting rooms of different sizes. It’s why our solutions offer cameras that track and frame speakers, mics that minimize background noise, and software that optimizes lighting. Poly delivers a great video conferencing experience no matter which side of the call you’re on.

For individual workspaces, our personal audio and video solutions transform any desk or shared space into quiet zones for effective video conferencing. Simple to set up and use, these portable solutions are easy to move between the office, home, and wherever you go. Make hybrid working a snap.

Featured Solutions

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We never want remote workers to feel less than equal in virtual meetings. But without access to the high-end audio and video equipment in office conference rooms, they’re just not going to look or sound like the folks in the office. Poly changes all that with pro-grade headsets, video cameras, desk phones and speakerphones that ensure a consistent and equally great experience so you can be in the meeting, without being in the room.

Poly‘s solutions for remote workers deliver phenomenally clear audio and video. And by screening out distracting background noise, Poly solutions enable you to collaborate with confidence from home, a hotel lobby, or the back of a car headed to the airport. 

Featured Solutions

With people working from anywhere, managing and tracking employee equipment can be overwhelming. Poly Lens cloud-based device management can help you monitor and troubleshoot all your network and USB-connected devices from a single screen. And for users, the Poly Lens App makes it easy to set up and use their headsets, video conferencing, and phone devices — without IT assistance. That’s right.

Featured Solutions

Consultation Services

Need Help with Setup or Planning?

Don’t plan alone. For a limited time, we are offering a complimentary consultation to help you ensure employees are set up for successful collaboration as they return to the office.


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Your I.T. team has an exciting opportunity to deliver a professional collaboration experience for every hybrid worker. Learn how to empower your hybrid workforce with the confidence that comes from looking and sounding their best.

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