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Headset support

For help with headsets, headphones, portable speaker phones and other Plantronics devices, contact a support specialist below to answer your technical questions and troubleshoot any product issues.

Video, phones, and services support

For help with video conferencing, desk phones, conference phones and other Polycom devices (including other services offerings) contact us via our Polycom service portal. 

For phone support, you may use the numbers listed on the left.


For Contract support 

  • 24/7 English support available

For Standard support 

  • Monday – Friday  - from 5.00 am till PST, exclude recognized Poly holidays

  • 1 800 725 598 (AU)
  • 0800 507 856 (NZ)
  • 508 692 707 (NZ) 

We will respond to your inquiry within one business day.