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Where to find the serial number for Plantronics products

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To make the serial number more visible, you can use a magnifier, take a photo of the printing and zoom in or get near a bright light source to make it easier to observe. Regardless of the wearing style, you can find the serial number in the following locations: 


You will find the serial number on the inner part of one of the speakers of the headset, if possible, remove the ear cushions/tips to locate it.  

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You will find the serial number on the inner part of the headband, close to the speaker.  

    Image of the serlial number location in the headband of the unit.

Microphone Boom 

You will find the serial number on the inner part of the microphone, close to the speaker.  

    Image of the serial number location on the microphone boom.

In-line Control 

You will find the serial number on the back of the in-line control.  

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Wireless Adapter 

You will find the serial number on the back of the wireless adapter.  

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Charging Base

You will find the serial number on a label at the bottom of the base. 

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You will find the serial number on the bottom or back of the amplifier. 

  User-added image      User-added image



You will find the serial number on a tag on the cable of some corded headsets.  

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Plantronics HUB 

You can also use the Plantronics HUB application to locate the serial number of your product, click here to install. 

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Note: Some products might not have a serial number printed, if you are unable to find the serial number, or have additional questions, please contact Plantronics Customer Support here