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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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CA10/CS10/CA10CD Channel Settings

The channels on the CA/CS10 are controlled by the two dials on the back of the charging base. On older models, the dials are orange, on newer models, the dials are yellow. Each dial has settings 0 through 9. There are 39 possible Channel settings: 01 through 39. For example, if the first dial is on 1 and the second dial is on 2 the channel is 12; if the first dial is on 4 and the second dial is on 2 the channel is 34, etc. Although the dials go up to 99, any setting above 39 is effectively 39.

You should not have to adjust the channel settings on your CA10/CS10/CA10CD unless you experience cross talk. Cross talk is noise from one telephone line that is audible on another line. It can occur when the bases are too close and on the same frequency. If you do experience cross talk, then change the channel on each unit. Click here for instructions on how to change the channel.