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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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CA10/CS10: How to Install

How do I install the CA10 or the CS10?
Locate the 2 ports on the bottom of the CA/CS 10 charging base.  They are labeled "HANDSET" and "TEL."

Unplug your hand receiver from the base of your existing telephone, and plug it into "HANDSET" port on the CA10/CS10 base unit.
  Locate the short cable that came with the unit, and plug it into "TEL" port on the CA/CS 10 base unit.  Then plug the other end of this short cable into your telephone where your hand receiver just was. 
Make sure the AC Power is plugged into the base and into a wall outlet.  The red power light on the base will light up when the power is connected.   Check that the settings on the back of the CA/CS10 base are set to the number 2 and the letter B.

Plug the headset into the CA/CS 10 remote, and set the remote into the base unit to charge.  The yellow charging light on the base will turn on while the unit is charging.
When the charging light on the base goes out, the unit is ready for use.   If you are not using a handset lifter (HL10/HL1), then you must remove the hand receiver from the cradle of the telephone to obtain a dial tone after you push the talk button on the CA10/CS10 remote.