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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Voyager Legend Firmware Release Notes

Version 110
July 2020

Whats new
Fixes for BIAS and KNOB Bluetooth vulnerabilities refer to security advisory for further details.
Version 109
March 13, 2017: Voyager Legend/Voyager Legend UC firmware version 109

Resolved Issues 
  • Fixed an issue where languages other than English are not getting caller announcement voice prompts
Version 107
June 25, 2015: Voyager Legend firmware version 107

What's New
  • Compatibility with Apple and Android smart watches and Plantronics Hub mobile 
  • Compatibility with Plantronics Aware for Cisco DX series phones
Version 106
August 8, 2014: Voyager Legend firmware version 106

Resolved Issues
  • Headset will not charge when plugged into USB on a system running Windows 8.1
Version 103
May 13, 2014: Voyager Legend firmware version 103

What's New
  • Improved wideband audio performance
  • Improved sidetone latency
Version 99
December 6, 2013: Voyager Legend firmware version 99
What's New
  • Improved functionality with iPhone 5s and iOS7
  • Rejecting incoming call by removing headset feature is no longer supported
  • Improved audio quality for both narrowband and wideband calls
Resolved Issues
  • Corrected erroneous Spanish and Korean voice prompts
  • Improved accuracy of "Talk Time Remaining" voice prompts
Version 93
September 19, 2013: Voyager Legend firmware version 93

What's New
  • Firmware updates via MyHeadset Updater now available for Mac users
  • 4x-improved wind noise reduction
  • Added option to enable/disable wideband audio during update
  • Voice Command Changes
    • "Call Vocalyst" voice command has been removed.
    • "Call Information" voice command has been removed
    • "Redial" voice command has been changed to "Call Back" (Initiates a call back to the last number you dialed or received a call from)
    • "Cancelled" has been replaced by "No Number Available" when no number has been stored in the headset since its last connection to the phone.
    • "Call back [name]" has been replaced by "Calling back [name]"
  • Added support for the following languages:
    • Danish*
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Norwegian*
    • Russian
    • Swedish
  • Improved Multipoint capability: If connected to two audio devices concurrently, headset will give an alert for an incoming call on the second connected audio device while in an active call using the first device.
  • "Mute on" voice prompt will sound for the first 15 minutes headset is on mute, afterwards the headset will give the mute tone to indicate mute state (rather than giving the mute tone immediately).
*These languages, in addition to Cantonese, support voice prompts and voice alerts only; they use English for voice commands. Non-English speakers using one of these three languages for voice prompts and alerts are recommended to disable the "Answer or Ignore" feature within MyHeadset Updater, as this command will always have to be spoken in English. Resolved Issues
  • Increased link reliability
  • Lowered instances of headset link loss in iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X+, Windows Phone 8
  • Improved quality of translations for the following languages:
    • Spanish
    • Mandarin
    • German
  • Audio link no longer stays open after an Avaya call is terminated while using the Legend with the BT300 adapter.
  • It is now possible to answer an iPhone call by pressing the call control button before the ring is heard in the headset
Version 44
What's New

Adds the capability to adjust the volume of voice prompts while idle (not on a call or streaming audio)

Resolved Issues

Improves call clarity with iPhone 5