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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Digital to Analog Adapter ( DAA ) Keep Alive Alarms on Digital SpectraLink Telephony Gateways

If your SpectraLink Wireless Telephone System contains more than one Telephony Gateway, and you are connected to your phone system via digital integration (not analog), you may experience DAA Keep Alive Alarms if the gateways are not synchronized.The DAA Keep Alive alarm can be triggered in a multiple gateway system if one of the gateways is reset or power cycled. This can cause timing problems with the Digital to Analog Adapters. As timing between the gateways is synchronized through the IPC cables, these alarms can also be triggered when an IPC cable between gateways is unplugged or faulty.
To clear these alarms, re-synchronize all of your Telephony Gateways.
  1. All gateways must be powered on and connected to the network.
  2. If the IPC cables are faulty, re-crimp or replace these cables. You should use only SpectraLink IPC cables, as these cables are manufactured to an exact length to eliminate timing problems. These cables are connected to the IPC ports on each gateway, and should run out of the first gateway, and into the second. If you have more gateways, continue connecting more IPC cables, until all gateways are chained together.
  3. All gateways should now be reset to insure synchronization. This can be done from the administration software on any of the gateways currently running on the system.
  • This will cause any active calls to be disconnected.
  • Under Gateway Configuration, select Reset All Systems, and press Y when prompted.
  • All gateways will reset, clear any active alarms, re-synchronize, and return to normal operation within a minute