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HW715/HW725 Firmware Release Notes

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Version 134
June 2020
HW715/HW725 Firmware Version 134

Resolved Issues

  • Unable to unmute headset in a Microsoft Teams call while Plantronics hub is running

Version 133
November 2019
HW715/HW725 Firmware Version 133

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed intermittent audio failure on initialization with certain computers
  • Far end could sometimes hear button press tones from the headset end.

Version 132
August 2019
HW715/HW725 Firmware Version 132

Resolved Issues
  • Fixed intermittent audio issue when used with Genesys softphone.

Version 131
June 2019
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed intermittent issue with loss of audio in rare cases.
  • Improve compatibility with Cisco 88xx series of desk phones, pressing the volume button on headset now syncs with phone

Version 129
January 2019
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed issue where device settings are not restored to default when prompted via Plantronics Hub
Version 128
What's New
  • Fixed distortion at high levels and fluctuating volume levels
  • Optimized tuning file change for DA90 for use with EncorePro D Series Headsets
  • Improved receive loudness for EncorePro D Series headsets when in use with 6-pin Y-cable
  • Enhanced EQ settings for telephony and music modes
  • Added HID 2.0 message for reporting QD Connect/Disconnect​
Version 124

What's New
  • Increased overall receive loudness by +4dB.
  • Tuned echo canceller to make it more stable during double talk scenarios.
  • EncorePro USB models have new tuning files that increased loudness by +3dB.
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue to increase audio gain redistribution to similar levels as the DA55 and DA60.
  • Fixed an issue with the analog codec gain adjustment to create similar loudness levels as older products.
  • Fixed an issue that caused mute sync to fail between audio processor and softphone when multiple calls are present.
Version 119

 HW715/HW725 Firmware Version 119

What's New

  • Added capability to enable volume adjustment tone only at the upper and lower limits rather than at every interval.