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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Savi W400 Series: How to Set Up in Bria

How do I set up my Savi W400 Series headset in Counterpath's Bria softphone?
Setting Up

In order to set up your Savi W400 Series headset and D100 adapter with Counterpath Bria, follow the setup process below:
  1. Connect the headset to a USB port on your PC.
  2. Start up your PC.
  3. Start Bria if it does not start on Windows start-up.
  4. When Bria starts up, you may notice that the D100 USB adapter flashes green for about 5 seconds (depending upon your PC and version of Bria, this may or may not occur). This indicates that the headset is configured correctly and ready to use.
If, after performing the above steps, you experience that your headset is not working properly with Bria:
  1. Unplug the D100 adapter from your PC.
  2. Close Bria.
  3. Connect the D100 adapter to another USB port and wait for it to install.
  4. Re-start Bria.
Ensuring Audio Options

To ensure that the D100 is set up correctly, you can check in the Audio Options menu within Bria.
  1. In Bria, select Softphone and then select preferences.
  2. In the preferences menu, select Devices. 
  3. In the headset options ensure that the Plantronics D100 is selected as the speaker and microphone.
  4. The most important part is to ensure that the D100 3 is selected as the HID-Device as shown above. If the D100 3 is not selected you will not be able to answer the call from the headset call answer/end button.