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Voyager Focus UC Firmware Release Notes

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Version 500
May 2020

What's new

  • Microsoft Teams certification – pressing headset button will now invoke the Microsoft Teams desktop application

Version 366
May 2019
What's New

  • Support For Plantronics Elara 60 Series mobile phone station

Version 364
January 2019
What's New
  • Increase maximum receive volume
  • Increase receive volume adjustment range by increasing number of steps from 8 to 15.
  • Disable TWA (Time-Weighted Average) limiting and reporting while listening to multimedia.  TWA in telephony mode is unchanged and still enabled (configurable by Plantronics Manager Pro and Plantronics Hub)
Resolved Issues
  • Resolve compatibility issue with Mitel 6930/6940 desk phones

Version 236
June 2018
What's New
  • Added support for Plantronics Manager Pro Reports Acoustic Events with Plantronics Hub for Desktop
  • Added support for Plantronics Manager Pro with Plantronics Hub for iOS and Android
Resolved Issues
  • Resolved issue related to changing headset language to Chinese
  • Improved PC call audio when in multi-point
  • Resolved issue with mute sync and Skype for Business
  • Resolved issue with no Open Mic prompt with TWA enabled
Version 160
December 2017 Voyager Focus firmware version 160

What’s New
  • Support for Plantronics Manager Pro Reports: Conversation Details, Link Quality and Daily Noise Exposure 
  • Add ability to adjust sidetone level via Plantronics Hub 
  • Add ability to adjust volume level tones via Plantronics Hub
  • Remove tone before voice prompt "volume max/min"
  • Bug fixes
Version 112
March 13, 2017: Voyager Focus firmware version 112 
What's New
  • Added ability to configure voice prompt when answering a call.
  • Added “Active Call Audio” section to customize smart sensor behaviors.
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue where languages other than English are not getting caller announcement voice prompt.
Version 104
June 22, 2016: Voyager Focus firmware version 104 

What's New
  • Added Thai and Indonesian Language Support
  • Added "flash" (Hold/Resume) call function support for softphone calls when used with the BT600 adapter
  • Quality improvements  on both cell phone and streaming (receive-only) audio
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Added "Open Mic ON" and "Open Mic OFF" voice prompts
  • Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization (ADRO) activated to auto-boost call receive volume in noisy environments for improved clarity (up to the maximum safety volume)
  • PC/headset volume synchronization improvement for better control of computer volume, especially with Macintosh computers
  • Improved headset battery life when connected to BT600 adapter and in standby mode
  • Improvements in audio synchronization with video (e.g. YouTube, Skype video calls, etc...) when using BT600 adapter
Version 40 

October 20, 2015: Voyager Focus firmware version 40

What's New
  • Improved audio quality and wireless range between the BT600 and headset for both mono and stereo telephony.
  • Wideband On/Off setting allows a balance of audio quality vs. wireless range between the BT600 and headset. For instruction on how to enable/disable wideband audio from the headset, click here.

Note: For improved wireless range to take effect, the BT600 must be updated to firmware version 56 as well as performing this update.
Version 35
July 20, 2015: Voyager Focus Firmware Version 35

What's New
  • Initial Release of Product