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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Android Headset Battery Meter

About the Headset Battery Meter
The headset battery meter displays the battery level of your headset right on the screen of your Android smartphone. In order to view this meter, you have to
  1. Pair and connect your compatible headset.
  2. Download and install the Plantronics MyHeadset app from the Android Market.
Note: The battery meter only works with Android phones running version 4.0 and higher, and tablets running version 3.0 and higher.
After you install the app and pair your headset, the battery meter appears as follows:

Image of the Android headset battery meter

When you tap the battery meter, it expands to display specific battery level information:

Image of the expanded view of the Android headset battery meter
Supported Headsets
The following Plantronics headsets support this feature:
  • BackBeat GO
  • M20
  • M25
  • M55
  • M155
  • M1100
  • Voyager Pro HD
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230/B230-M) - May require a firmware update