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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Calisto P620 Firmware Release Notes

Version 02.00/490
Base firmware version 02.00, USB version 490

Resolved Issues
  • Headset will not charge when connected to the USB port of a PC running Windows 8.1
Version 02.00/470
Base firmware version 02.00, USB version 470

What's New
  • The mute function will now be available to use when the speakerphone is not in an active call. Users will be able to manually mute the microphone during music and media playback from the PC (streamed through the BT300 adapter to the Calisto P620) for a better audio experience. Note: Muting is not necessary when streaming music/multimedia from a mobile device.
  • A new feature, Local Mute, has been created for use with softphones that are not supported by Spokes. 
Note : This update is available for PC only.

For information on how to update the firmware on your Calisto P620, click  here .