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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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CA12CD: How to subscribe manually

The Base and the Remote are paired with each other at the factory in a process called subscription. If you replace either one, you can subscribe them as follows:
  1. Press and hold the Subscription button on the back of the Base. (Alternatively, you can hold down both of the Talk Volume buttons on the top of the Base.)
  2. The Base Power LED will begin blinking.
  3.  Hold the Remote’s Listen Volume Control in either the up or down position.
  4. The Remote’s Audio Link LED will turn on steadily (no flashing). The Remote will subscribe to the Base, after which the Base Power LED will return to the steadily-on state.
  5. The Remote’s Audio Link LED will go out for a few seconds and then begin to flash once per second, indicating that your CA12CD-S is now ready to use.
For more information about the CA12C please see the User Guide in the attachment.
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