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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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BackBeat 903/906: Headphones Phone Controls and Indicators

The table below reflects the Backbeat 903/906 headphone phone controls and indicator lights.
   Action Indicator Light  Tone
Turn On Press and hold the power/pairing button for 2 seconds. Glows blue for 2 seconds, then turns off.  4 rising tones 
Turn Off Press and hold the power/pairing button for 4 seconds.  Glows red for 4 seconds, then turns off.  4 falling tones 
Answer/End Tap the call control button.  3 blue flashes (repeating) while the phone rings. 3 low tones (repeating) while phone is ringing.  Single low tone when call connects/disconnects. 
Make a Call Enter the number on your phone and press send.  Blue flash every 2 seconds while call is in progress.  Brief tones, then ringing
Reject a Call Press and hold the call control button for 2 seconds.  None  Single long low tone 
Low Battery
None 3 red flashes every 10 seconds  3 high tones every 10 seconds 
Mute/unmute Press in the volume/tracking/mute button.  None  Low and high tone to mute, then a single low tone every minute.  High and low tone to mute. 
Perform a
System Reset
While plugging in the A/C charger, hold the power/pair button.  Headphones will show a solid red or blue light when they have been successfully reset.  None. 
Adjust Call