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Last Modified Date: 06/07/2021
Access Level: Public

BackBeat 903/906: Music Controls

  Action  Indicator Light  Tone
Play Music Tap the play/pause button.  None  None 
OpenMic Pause to Hear Tap the play/pause button when music is playing.  None  None 
Disable OpenMic During Music Pause While playing music, press and hold the mute button for 3 seconds.  Repeat action to enable.  None Low-high-low tones when disabling.
High-low-high tones when enabling. 
Move Forward or Back One Track Press and hold the volume/tracking/mute button forward or backwards for each track.  None  Single low tone for each track change. 
Answer a Call while Listening to Music Tap the call control button.  3 blue flashes (repeating) while phone is ringing.  Blue flash every 2 seconds while on a call.  3 low tones (repeating) while phone is ringing.  Single low tone when call connects or disconnects. 
Reject a Call while Listening to Music Press and hold the call control button for 2 seconds.  None  Single long low tone 
Adjust the Volume of the Music Tap the volume/tracking/mute button forward or backward.  None  Brief low tone (2 low tones when volume limit is reached) 
Boost the Bass  Press and hold the play/pause button for 2 seconds when music is playing.  None  Ascending tones when activating.  Descending tones when deactivating.