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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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S10/S11/S12: Headset Options

The  S10 headset part number 45647-04 is shown below. The S11 headset part number 65388-01 is shown below.   The S12 part number 65219-01 is shown below.   Frequently Asked Questions   Can I use an "H" top or different headset with the S10, S11 or S12?
No, The S10, S11 & S12 are designed to be used with the specific headset it comes with. Can the headset on S12 be worn on either ear?   Yes, the S12 headset can be worn on either ear.   Wear the headset on either ear, then rotate the microphone boom so it is positioned along your cheek. Please note:  The S12 replacement headset is the headset only. No headband p/n  43298-01 or ear cushions p/n  46186-01. You will need to purchase these items separately. All 3 headset options above will work on the S10, S11 & S12 base, however due to a power issue the S12 headset Firefly feature will only function with the S12 base.