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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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API's for Plantronics Manager Pro Release Notes

For Plantronics, Manager/ Manager Pro release notes click here

API's version 3.13.2 for Plantronics Manager Pro    


Release Date:  
3.13.2 August 2019 

What’s new:
Added new time bucketed aggregated call summary datasets (Hourly, Daily, Monthly) – for improved performance when generating total call trends  

  APIs version 3.13.1 for Plantronics Manager Pro     Release Date:  3.13.1
April 2019 
What’s new:
  • Reduced loading times for larger datasets with Plantronics App for Microsoft Power BI -- learn more

APIs version 3.11.5 for Plantronics Manager Pro    

Release Date:  

January 2019
What’s new:
  • Improved support for Plantronics App for Microsoft Power BI -- learn more. 
December 2018
What’s new:
  • Improved performance when processing very large data sets.

October 24, 2018  

What’s new:
  • The tenantDeviceInventory API method was improved. Responses now explicitly identify the devices that are attached to a Bluetooth connector, such as the BT600, by model name and additional descriptive parameters.
  • A new API method was added. tenantDeviceSettingsStatus identifies the policy compliance state of devices that are enrolled in the device estate of a specific Plantronics Manager Pro tenant.
  • The Plantronics Manager Pro app named Plantronics for Power BI was launched. Plantronics for Power BI was enabled in all Plantronics Manager Pro tenants and is available for all customers to enable as desired. 
APIs version 3.11.2 for Plantronics Manager Pro  
Release Date:  
June 21, 2018  

What’s new:
  • The tenantCallsummary API method was enhanced. Responses now include metadata for the strings userAction so you can determine the method that was used to end a call, and relatedDeviceEvent which provides expanded content for the call event and includes values for; docked, undocked, talkButtonpress, noDevice, baseButtonPress, and idleTalkButtonPress.
  • Updated tenantFWVersionStatus to include firmware policy compliance state.
Resolved issues:
  • Solved an issue that was preventing non-Plantronics devices from being accurately reported in some cases.
  • Resolved issue so the response for tenantSoftphoneStatus now contains the usage field data as expected.
  • Resolved issue where a 500 error was being thrown when complianceStatus contained a value of NOPOLICY.

APIs version 3.11.1 for Plantronics Manager Pro 
Release Date: 
June 21, 2018 

What's new:
  • A new Audit Log was added to Plantronics Manager Pro and a new API is available to pull the Audit Log. This improves your access to detailed information about the activity within a specific Plantronics Manager Pro-tenant.
  • All Plantronics devices are now identified by a unique DeviceID. This enhances your ability to create useful analytics related to devices, especially for real-time data streams.
  • Use an API to delete an application authorization request when the request has been made in error. Mistakes happen. Now you can fix them with this API. 
Resolved issues:
  • When we moved to a new subscription model with the launch of v.3.11.0, some API calls were not functioning as expected. Now they work properly.
APIs version 3.11.0 for Plantronics Manager Pro 

Release Date: 
April 2, 2018 

Resolved Issues:
  • Now APIs are available without any additional fee to any customer who subscribes to the Plantronics Manager Pro service. This helps you grant access out-of-the-box to more customers.
  • You can now request a Plantronics Manager Pro Developer Tenant (hosted in the United States) to test your API-powered solution in a production environment. Go here for more details.
  • We enhanced the audit logging in Plantronics Manager Pro for some API events. Now you will know when a third-party application requests authorization, when a tenant app status is updated and when an app subscription status is updated.  
  • Sample code is available to help you enable call control in your Amazon Connect product. 
  • We added WebSocketsreal-time support, so you can stream various event types to your application. 
  • TWA report data now comes in an API form, so you can add Noise Exposure reporting to your product.
Resolved Issues:
  • Report APIs used to support only JSON. We added support for application/hal+json media-type to provide better support for responses that are paginated and contain hyperlink(s).
  • Plantronics Manager Pro was sometimes misreporting the count of authorized applications but after clicking into one of the applications the count of applications changed. 
  • ProductID could be empty when using the Call Summary API. 
  • After an app was authorized in Plantronics Manager Pro it would still appear as pending. 
  • We tuned the LinkQuality algorithm to perform with greater efficiency, improving response times.

December 12, 2017: API 3.10.2 Maintenance Release
What’s New
  • Provide a means to allow authorized applications to appear on the application page of Plantronics Manager Pro. Tenant admins can then choose to authorize these applications.
Resolved Issues
  • When an application is authorized it is still shown as pending in the authorization list until the page is refreshed.

September 25, 2017: Plantronics Manager and Plantronics Manager Pro 3.10.1 Maintenance Release

What's New
  • Asset Analysis API: Added the ability to query hosts with zero devices (Device Distribution)
Resolved Issues
Plantronics Developer Connection (API)
  • Passing an empty value for muteusageLevel throw a 400 error.
  •  Attempting to access API’s from an unsubscribed suite provides a response of “Ok” rather than Suite Not Subscribed
  • The detected date for “Other Manufacturers” devices is not available in API.
  • Updated the Conversation Analysis API to not limit page count to 10 and to sort by date, most recent first
Known Issues
  • PDC | API: Call Summary API showing zero for all percentages