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Article ID: 000034328
Last Modified Date: 12/15/2021
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Cloud Axis 1.6.1 unable to join adhoc meeting via browser Firefox: 38.05; IE: 9; Chrome 43.0.2357 showing 'Resource not available'

Cloud Axis Unable to join adhoc meeting via browser (reproduced in Firefox: 38.05; IE: 9; Chrome 43.0.2357) using link sent from Cloud Axis. Error message: resource not available This message was received by both internal and external users after logging in to the web page sent via the e-mail sent from Cloud Axis. User entered the e-mail address to join and received Resource not available. The e-mail from Cloud Axis also contain a sip and H323 address - the meetings could be joined using either of these. On investigation it was found that the wsp server displayed a white pane on green background but no data. Resolution: Login to the VMWare console as caxis /caxis or telnet and issue the following commands to restart the wsp server: service nginx restart service tomcat6 restart Alternatively use: 'reboot' Once the server is back up the WUI with DMA and MCU pool settings are available again to verify if there are any issues with the RMX.
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