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Wideband Headset Troubleshooting: Strange Noises

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Why is my wideband headset producing strange noises?


The headset is producing unexpected noises.
Cause Resolution/Workaround
Using a wideband headset with a wideband amplifier for your desk phone. Because of the extended frequency band used in wideband products (such as the M22 and HW series headsets), it is possible to hear noises produced by the phone system. If you previously used a narrowband headset, these noises were not audible before because of the limited frequency response. If possible, upgrade your narrowband phone to a wideband phone.
If you hear static (sounding like frying bacon), your microphone may be defective. Try muting your microphone. If the static stops, your microphone is defective. Contact Plantronics Customer Support for additional assistance.
If you hear a hiss while using your headset (similar to the sound of having the volume turned up on your stereo, but no music playing), this occurs because you are wearing a wideband headset that plays higher frequencies.  You may not have heard this sound previously because you were wearing a narrowband headset or handset. Lowering the listening volume may help.
If you hear a hum, you may be experiencing interference from other electronic devices. Try moving other electronic devices away from the headset or turn them off.