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HDX - Omni Botnet

Vulnerability Summary

The “Omni” botnet is a network of computer systems that have been infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the systems owners’ knowledge.  Polycom HDX endpoints that are running software versions older than 3.1.12 contain security vulnerabilities that have been previously listed on the Polycom Security Center. These security vulnerabilities may render HDX endpoints vulnerable to takeover by the Omni botnet.  

To determine if an HDX is infected with the Omni botnet, or has been exploited by known vulnerabilities in older versions of HDX software, perform the following steps:

  • Login to the HDX web UI
  • Go to the “diagnostics” tab
  • Click on “download logs”
  • Click on “download support information package”
  • Your browser will download a file named “polycom_info...tgz”.
  • Uncompress this file, this will result in several files whose names start with “messages”
  • Examine these files for the occurrence of this string: ${IFS} (without spaces)

If ${IFS} appears in any log files, the HDX has been exploited by a known vulnerability in old HDX software, and the HDX should be factory reset and updated to 3.1.12 as soon as possible.


Last Update: 3/14/2022
Initial Public Release: 8/8/2018
Advisory ID:  PLYTV18-08

Product Affected
HDX 4000

Prior to 3.1.12

3.1.12 and above
HDX 6000

Prior to 3.1.12

3.1.12 and above
HDX 7000

Prior to 3.1.12

3.1.12 and above
HDX 8000

Prior to 3.1.12

3.1.12 and above
HDX 9000

Prior to 3.1.12

3.1.12 and above

Poly recommends customers upgrade to firmware build 3.1.12 or later. 



Poly recommends keeping the HDX endpoint’s software up to date.  In addition, Poly recommends following standard best practices for Unified Communications, as detailed in our best practices paper.


Any customer using an affected system who is concerned about this vulnerability within their deployment should contact Poly Technical Support(888) 248-4143, (916) 928-7561, or visit the Poly Support Site.



Poly would like to thank WootCloud for reporting security vulnerabilities to us and for their coordinated disclosure.

Revision History
1.0 8/8/2018 Initial Release
2.0 3/14/2022 Format Changes