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Pinpoint audio for life-like experiences


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RealPresence Immersive Studio and Immersive Studio Flex create a life-like collaboration experience, and one of the ways this is done is with Polycom 3D Voice. This technology delivers much more accurate and life-like audio than any other video conference or telepresense system.

Within Polycom immersive telepresence solutions, multiple ceiling microphones are placed specifically to triangulate each speaker’s location. That location information is transferred to the Polycom immersive system on the far end, which uses speakers strategically placed above and below the displays to play back the audio specifically from the person speaking. It’s like having an infinite number of “virtual” speakers built right into the displays. This results in an experience that is far more life-like than stereo “spatial” audio. Polycom SoundStructure is the engine that drives this unique, innovative audio experience.


  • More accurate reproduction of audio, delivering an exceptional audio experience that sounds true to life and appears to come directly from the mouth of the person speaking
  • With Polycom 3D Voice, you will have the ability to always distinguish exactly who is speaking, even when multiple people are talking. Typically, in a video call, when multiple people are speaking it’s difficult to understand anyone; however, with Polycom 3D Voice you can easily distinguish individual speakers leading to improved lively, interactive conversations

3D Voice Overview