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Keep annoying sounds from interrupting your meetings

Distracting noises such as keyboard typing, paper shuffling and wrapper crinkling can derail your video calls, especially when they happen close to the microphone. It’s a hassle for everyone when you need to stop the conversation and ask people to go on mute. Poly NoiseBlockAI listens for non-verbal sounds occurring and blocks those distracting noises from entering your calls, so your meetings stay on track.

  • Meetings are more productive when distracting sounds are kept out of your calls and no one needs to stop the meeting and ask others to go on mute
  • No need to keep your finger hovering over the mute button, as the system automatically recognizes and blocks distracting background noises
  • You won’t forget to un-mute and end up talking with no one able to hear you
NoiseBlockAI Demo

See how Poly NoiseBlockAI keeps distracting sounds out of your meetings


White Paper
Wainhouse Research: Evaluation of Poly's Noise Reduction Features

Learn about the Poly NoiseBlockAI technology that is designed to keep non-human noises (e.g. keyboard typing, paper shuffling, plastic bag rustling sounds, etc.) from impacting your meetings.

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