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Eliminate background noises and voices

Effective group video conferencing in open workspaces


Acoutsic Fence For Video Solutions

More collaboration is taking place in open workspaces and other environments that are prone to outside sounds and voices interrupting your video calls. Acoustic Fence creates a defined zone and captures only the voices within it, shielding your calls from distracting outside voices and sounds during pauses in conversation. It serves as a “smart mute” that allows meeting participants on the near end of the call to focus on the meeting, creating more genuine conversations and eliminating the need to hover their finger over the “mute” button.  This is helping Poly customers use video effectively from places they never dreamed of before – whether open workspaces, or other spaces that are prone to outside noise becoming a distraction.


Benefits Of Acoustic Fence For Video Solutions

  • Poly Acoustic Fence technology shields your calls from distracting outside voices and sounds using your conference room microphones to create a defined sound zone. 
  • Reduce user frustration: participants on the other end of the call don’t hear voices and noises from outside the fence. Calls are no longer interrupted by audio distractions and participants needing to frequently mute and un-mute their microphone
  • Deploy video in more places: now you can collaborate over video from locations you wouldn’t have dreamed of previously, so meetings can take place wherever they are needed rather than being limited to only enclosed conference rooms.

Acoustic Fence Demo


White Paper
Wainhouse Research: Evaluation of Poly's Noise Reduction Features

Learn about the Poly NoiseBlock technology that is designed to keep non-human noises (e.g. keyboard typing, paper shuffling, plastic bag rustling sounds, etc.) from impacting your meetings.

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