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Workstyle Solutions

Find the right solution for every workstyle

Poly has been studying workstyle evolution for nearly a decade and we’ve identified six distinct workstyles – often referred to as personas – which make up 97% of a typical enterprise.

Our workstyle persona research helps match the right audio and video solutions to workforce needs in the office, at home, or on the go. To find out your workstyle, click here!



We can help you profile your organization to identify workforce communication needs.

The equation for hybrid workplace planning

Discover the three building blocks of a better approach to hybrid work planning and the new equation that results in successful collaboration, no matter where employees work.

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Employee research & insights to perfect hybrid planning

See how to use employee insights from our latest post-pandemic research to design better hybrid and return-to-office experiences, collaboration, and productivity for your workforce.

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Design experiences that maximize hybrid work

The evolving world of hybrid work requires business leaders to support new employee experiences. See the results of Factworks and Poly’s latest employee workstyle research and learn how it can help you design experiences that maximize workforce collaboration and productivity.

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Get to Know Your Workforce – Personas Overview

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The Workplace Experience Post Covid-19

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5 Considerations For Designing Better Hybrid Work Experiences

Use insights from our latest employee workstyles research to take the guesswork out of hybrid work success for employees and workspaces.

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