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Last Modified Date: 05/15/2021
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Savi Office WO100: Indicator Lights

The table below reflects the indicator light responses for certain actions.
  Action Indicator Light
Subscription Button
Indicator Light
Master headset
subscribed to base
Solid green
  Base in master
subscribing mode
Flashes red and green
  Base conferencing in
additional guest headset(s)
Flashes yellow and green
  Active conference call with
guest headsets subscribed
to base
Solid yellow
Desk Phone and
PC Talk Buttons
Indicator Lights
No active audio link Off
  Incoming call Flashes green
  Active audio link Solid green
  Master headset muted Solid red
  Call on-hold Flashes red
  Seeking audio link* Solid yellow
Headset charging Off
  Headset fully charged Off
  Headset in-use Flashes green
  Subscribing Solid green
  *When bringing up a link from the base, the talk button will be solid yellow until a link is established.  This could take up to several seconds especially for wideband audio and/or when in moderate to high density environments.  If you press the talk button when the indicator light is yellow, it will terminate the search for an audio link. **If you are not on a call, you can toggle the headset in-use indicator light on and off by pressing the headset volume down button for three seconds.