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Last Modified Date: 06/07/2021
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Discovery 650E: How to Adjust the Fit

How to Adjust the Fit
The Plantronics Discovery 650E headset comes with three soft gel ear tips and an optional ear loop.
  1. The medium-sized ear tip is pre-installed and aligned for wearing on the right ear [r].
  2. For left ear wearing, twist the ear tip counterclockwise.
  3. Place the headset into your ear and check to see that it fits comfortably.  If the headset is either too tight or too loose, remove the medium-sized ear tip from the headset by turning the ear tip to the center or neutral position.
  4. In the neutral position, the ear tip can easily be removed by pulling the ear tip directly away from the headset.  Next, select the ear tip size that fits most comfortably in your ear.  Hold the ear tip with the elongated edge pointing down towards the neutral position and then push the ear tip onto the headset.
Note: Choose an ear tip that is large enough such that it will not enter the ear canal.  Do not insert the ear tip into the ear canal as it may become lodged in the ear canal.  The ear tip should rest against the entrance to the ear canal. Using the Optional Ear Loop The ear loop may be attached to the headset to improve stability.
  1. Remove the ear tip from the headset by turning the ear tip to the center or neutral position and pulling the ear tip away from the headset.
  2. Attach the ear loop between the ear tip and headset.
  3. Replace the ear tip.