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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Unable to connect to Pano to Miracast from Windows PC

Problem: Pano disappears from the list of Connected Devices. Search for new devices does not bring up the Pano as an option. Or, Pano is in the list of connected devices. However, still not able to connect to it to Miracast from Windows PC. AirPlay and Pano App may still works.   Summary of Findings: After doing some research, this seems to be more of an issue with the WiFi Adapter, or WiFiDirect driver on the Windows side. This happens not only with Pano, it also happens with other devices that support Desktop Casting (Miracast). In some of Microsoft support forums, I have seen various suggestions to resolve the issue. However, the solution is temporary since the problem keeps reoccurring. The method I found to be the least disruptive was to simply disable and re-enable the Wi-Fi Adapter. This results in no data loss, no need to restart Windows. This will only reset your wireless adapter and will result in Miracast setting getting reset. Connection to the wireless is lost during this process.  
Workaround: This instructions apply to Windows 10. Steps may vary, or there maybe other ways to get there in this or other versions of Windows. Go with your mouse to the bottom left corner on your screen, Click on the Windows icon, then Settings > Network and Internet > Status > Change Adapter Options. Once you see your Wi-Fi adapter, right click on it to bring up its menu options. Click on Disable, then once disabled, Click on Enable again.   Connect again to your wireless network, and try to connect to Pano. The Pano should now appear again in the list of devices available to connect.   If after resetting the adapter you are still not seeing the Pano in the search, access the Pano via its web interface, then from General Settings > Screen Mirroring, uncheck the box for Enable Miracast. Allow the software to save the change, then check the box again. Allow it to save. Allow about a minute before trying to connect from your PC once again. This time the Pano should show up and allow you to connect to it from the PC.