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Last Modified Date: 12/10/2021
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Miracast works intermittently with Trio 8800

Customer is reporting that Trio 8800s do not always pair with Windows machines everytime for Miracast. After reviewing the Trio logs, these events stood out: 1016112552|wdisp|1|00|[void RTCSDK::ContentSharingAssistant::stopWirelessDisplayContent()] 414 stopWirelessDisplayContent++ 1016112552|lc   |2|00|MsgPpsSessionDrop reason 22 1016112552|lc   |3|00|Session stopped of type 2 video 1016112552|lc   |1|00|Session type 2 is already stopped (video)  
Reason code Meaning
22 Invalid RSN information element capabilities
In Linux Wifi Networking, reason 22 during beacon transmission/negotiation+authentication/802.11-setup”   means that the negotiation of security parameters for the wifi connect failed. Keep in mind that Miracast is simply a "Direct Wifi" connectoion from your Windows machine to the Trio, no different than the connection between you windows machine and your access point wifi router.  
Since RSN parameter negotiation was failing between windows laptop & Trio during Wifi-Direct connection set up, fine tunning the Trio's Wireless 802.11 adapter for United States use resolved the customer issues. After configuring the below parameters, the Trio no longer had Miracast connection issues.     content.wirelessDisplay.sink.enabled="1""PGS Voice Test"